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About Purotex®

Purotex® uses
a revolutionary
technology based
on 100% natural

Clean up allergens

Fabrics treated with Purotex® contain microcapsules that are filled with natural probiotics. These probiotics are a 100% natural remedy against allergens. Thanks to friction between your body and the fabric, the microcapsules burst open and absorb humidity. The probiotics start to multiply and clean up allergens. You will also find probiotics in yogurt to guarantee a healthy microflora.

Discover Purotex®, nature’s own technology for a fresh and healthy sleep environment.

Purotex® technology

How does it work?

  • 1.

    The Purotex® probiotics are sealed in microcapsules

    You cause friction on your mattress
  • 2.

    The microcapsules crack open and the Purotex® probiotics start to multiply

  • 3.

    After 24 hours

    Multiplied by 100
  • 4.

    After 48 hours

    Multiplied by 10.000
    x 10.000
  • 5.

    After two weeks

    Your mattress is completely protected
  • 6.


    Your Purotex® mattress keeps off allergens.